Flowers at St Bernardine’s

Flowers are done each week at the church by a talented and dedicated team of ladies who are organised on a rota basis. The cost of flowers can be claimed from church funds. There is a flower room where new oasis is provided and also where extra stands, bowls, water, clearing up and waste disposal equipment can be found. No flowers are required during Lent and Advent, however, the feasts of Easter and Christmas require all helpers to make the church look extra special prior to the Easter vigil and midnight Mass. There is a special collection after Mass prior to these events to cover the cost of flowers. Wedding/funeral flowers do not usually involve the flower ladies but they are always glad to lend their talents if asked. New flower ladies are welcome on a regular basis or just helping on those big occasions.

Church Cleaning

Church cleaning is carried out by a team of volunteers. Working in groups of two or three people, each group decides the most convenient time to come and do the “basic weekly housework” of dusting, sweeping and polishing the church. It can be done during the day, evening or on a Saturday. Cleaning materials are supplied. There are currently six groups. New volunteers are always welcome so if you can spare any time to help with this essential task please let it be known.