When you arrive

Thank you for choosing St Bernardines, we are glad that you have chosen our church!

What Happens When I Arrive?
When you arrive into the Church, a member of the congregation will greet you at the door and offer you a copy of the weekly notices along with the weekly newsletter, a song book and a transcript of the forthcoming mass.

The Services normally start at 5:30pm on a Saturday and 11am on a Sunday. The services last about an hour or little longer depending on the congregation size for communion.  Services will normally consist of singing, Bible readings, prayers and a homily usually presented by the priest.

Please sit wherever you like.  After the morning/evening service there is a chance for a free coffee or tea, and an opportunity to meet other members of the parish.

Is There Anything For My Children?
During the 11am Sunday morning service the children can attend a ‘children’s mass’ in which the bible stories from that day are put into an easier-to-comprend form.

Will I Be Asked To Give Money?
There is a collection during the mass but do not feel obliged to put any money in, it is completely voluntary.
What Should I Wear?
There is no dress code for any of our services, come in whatever you are most comfortable in.

We hope this helps to explain what our Church is like. Please do come along, we’d love to see you!